Upgrade Your Gun With Custom Features

Ask our gunsmith in Shreveport, LA about building your custom gun

Do you want a more accurate shot, a more comfortable grip or just a cooler-looking build to show off? Patrick's Gun Shop in Shreveport, LA offers gun customization services to make your AR-15, pistol or bolt-action rifle perfectly suited to your style and needs.

Our staff is GLOCK-certified. We can also build specialized firearms like a custom AR or bolt rifle.

Want to upgrade your gun? Our customization services include...

  • Slide milling for red dot sights
  • Serrations and window milling
  • Red dot sight mounting
  • Scope mounting and boresighting
  • Barrell threading
Discuss your ideas for your custom gun with our expert gunsmith today. Our services are set at a fixed rate.

5 reasons to customize your firearm

Whether you're a new gun owner or an enthusiast, a gun modification can boost your gun's performance and greatly improve your shooting experience. Five reasons you might want a custom gun are to...

  1. Create a unique look
  2. Improve shot accuracy
  3. Add comfort and ease of use
  4. Improve safety
  5. Prevent wear
We also offer Cerakote coating and laser-cut engraving services for an even more specialized look.